1. velvet now! 

    someone get me this dress?

    (Source: the-portabello-generation)

  2. Jason´s Wu Resort 2013 Collection

    Jason´s inspired by the work of artist Mike Libby, i think this collection are amazing and beautiful, the fabric that were used are very glamorous and sophisticated! Really i love his collection.

  3. me and stephan pelger

    Blue Carpet 2012… Organizado por Anda Petrescu.

    Diseñador Romano Stephan Pelger.

    Su coleccion cerro la pasarela con diseños muy seductores y diseños hermosos, los escotes estan geniales! 

  4. Blue Carpet 2012… Organizado por Anda Petrescu.

    Diseñador Español Juanjo Oliva

    Increible! sin palabras

  6. Grammy Awards February 12, 2012

  8. sky ferreira/fashion week

  9. beyonce 

  10. sleeping beauty by yancy villarreal